8 Warning Signs You Might Be a Shopping Addict


Loving fashion myself, I realize it's quite easy to become addicted acquiring new, beautiful items to add to my ever growing collection.

However, there comes a time one has to call a spade, a spade or in our case, admit to slight (or serious) addictions.

Curious to know how deep you're in? Scroll down to find out!
1. You would buy anything just because it's on sale

Even the Jimmy Choo shoes with the chipped heel you'd probably never fix but hey! One can never have too many shoes, right? Unless your closet has reached bursting point, which leads us to...

2. An alarming increasing rate of "no closet-space " complaints

Granted, it could be a really small closet but still. Your friends are probably tired of hearing it. The solution is quite simple actually. You either:

a. Get a bigger closet, probably by expansion.

b. Stop. Buying. So. Many. Clothing. Items!

3. You're constantly buying gifts for people.

Perfectly fine unless it's a story your sticking with just because your conscience is calling you out. If you usually end up keeping them for yourself? No. Just no.
Although, I won't mind. Especially if I actually RECEIVE my gift ; )


4. You remember that dress you would have bought (if only you hadn't forgotten your wallet when you were going for a stroll) 10 years ago.

We all have those things that we remember sadly because we didn't get to buy them. However, if you remember them for way too long, I believe there might be a problem.

5. You are attached to all the stuff you've ever bought.

You remember every single item you've ever bought, the dates they were bought, what store and so on. Yikes! At this point it might be critical. I'd advise you get unattached though. I mean, what happens if everything gets burnt to ashes?

6. You spend about 70% of your allowance/salary on fashion items.
Well, this happens to even the most frugal of us. We'll give you a pass because while we know this is a problem, it's actually a general problem that even non-addicts have.

7. You have a particular dress in about oh, let's say, 8 colours.
If you have found yourself saying "One in every colour you have please!" with every intention of buying all of those dresses, we rest our case. *dusts hands*

8. When shopping becomes your Tylenol, Paracetamol or for some (a.k.a, me), your ice cream.
It's fine to use shopping to make yourself feel better but not every single time. Watch a movie, pray, talk to a friend or eat something if you're feeling down for once! Your pockets (and wardrobe!) would thank you later.

So tell me, on a scale of one to ten, how addicted are you?

I think I'm a five.


Leave a link, let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Can I say I am not addicted if I scored 2 out of 8. It isn't even a pass mark (Lol)

    Well, some 3 years back I would have scored really high... My fashion addiction problem was with Lipsticks. I had 7 shades of red in different colors (only I saw the difference) and from different brands.

    I was also always buying lipsticks for people because the color fascinated me even though it wasn't their birthday.

    And I couldn't walk past the Sleek studio at Ikeja without stopping.I would tell myself that I was just looking and end up leaving with a lipstick.

    More responsibilities and no change in income, opened my eyes.

    Great post!

    1. Hi Kelia!

      Firstly, thanks for stopping by.

      Secondly,... Wow! Lipstick?! I never hesperred it!

      If there's one thing I know, it's that when it comes fashion, being broke almost always helps one in breaking addictions.

      Great story, loved it! :D

  2. Read this post with guilt. On a scale of one to ten I think I'm an 8. These days, I'm learning to look away and save more. Not easy though.

    Epiphany29 'N' Tang Collaboration

    1. Lol! Grace! Hahaha!

      An 8 is high o! Yes, saving is the better alternative by far! It'll get easier eventually.

  3. Is it possible that I'm a 10! I agree that being broke breaks the addiction because honestly this year I want to still remain a 10 but I'm probably a 6 lol


    1. Haha I feel you mehn. Man gats adjust to circumstances. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I'm presently a 6 and I'm fast becoming a 7 or 8 maybe! Like I already know what I'm spending my money on even before it lands in my account. I can't stop shopping so I'll just pray I somehow get richer! Nice post ijenna, your posts are life saving! Love,

  5. I think I might have a problem!!! Probably an 11 out of 10��