5 Remarkable Things I've noticed about truly Fashionable/Stylish People


I like to think I have good observation skills and in a world where everyone now seems to be obsessed with fashion, how do we differentiate the really stylish people from the "fake-it-till-you-make-it" crowd? This list is not meant to discriminate. It's meant to reveal more about people who have an indepth love for fashion, or are just really good at it. Let's get to it!

1. They tend to prefer the term "Stylish" to "Fashionable."

So henceforth, we will refer to them as "Stylish". I think it's because "fashionable" tilts a little more towards being a fashionist i.e, following every rule of fashion. Truly stylish people believe in individual style.

2. They don't fit into a particular style.


"Preppy", "Bohemian" and "Afro punk" are all styles of fashion. I've found that truly stylish people love to experiment, so they don't box themselves in. I've also noticed it's a bit difficult for them to describe their style due to this versatility. They tend to give vague descriptions like "Funky". There are different kinds of funky. Narrow it down a bit, will you?

3. They understand that it's quality over quantity.
Truly stylish people would rather invest in a few quality items than have a lot of cheap trendy clothes. In the world of fashion, a good instinct on when to save or splurge is very important for a balanced wardrobe. So they love sales a lot. Half the price for the full quality?!? #HellYes!

4. "I love your sense of style" is a much greater compliment than "You're so pretty!"

I'm just like "thanks" *Side eye*. But when someone compliments my outfit or style? My "famous" vibrant smile comes out in full beam. A rare moment, because it hardly does. Am I implying that I belong to this list? Maybe... ;)

5. They don't use the "stylish factor" as a status quo.
Looking at a person beneath their noses (even if they're shorter) just because the person isn't as well-dressed or as fashionable as they would expect, isn't something they do.(Or should I say we?)

Just because you're dressed head-to-toe in high fashion, and the person beside you is not, isn't a reason to judge him/her beneath you.

Did it even occur to you that the person might not be interested in high fashion? Just because you take fashion seriously doesn't mean the whole world should too.
That being said, Do you pass the "Truly Stylish" test?
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What other remarkable things have you noticed? Leave a link, let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Aha!Don't play humble here, sweetie! Be comfortable to use the "we". You are stylish. I give it to you.

    One thing I know about stylish people is that they recycle. Oh yeah, we do. *grins*

    How I recyled a dress to a peplum top.

    1. Lol! *smiles shyly* off to see your recycling (more like upcycling) skills!

  2. This post is so me! Especially the idea of quality over quantity. I can throw it down in the thrift store coz they have some good quality things. I love to recycle and experiment, when asked about my style i just simply say i dress according to how i feel when i wake up in the morning.by the way, love your blog and ig page.

  3. Ticked all 5 ��������

  4. Ooh but you are stylish.. hehe.


  5. Loool stylish people often look somewhat like me haha, jk. Lovely post

  6. Interesting and well researched post indeed. Warm greetings!

  7. Stylish people are care free and daring. And they can even use whatever is around them and turn it into a master piece. Nice post. You are stylish my dear


  8. Stylish ppl like to have it their way, no matter how convincing you can be nd before you see them choose a particular wear, know they've already worn it in their mind. Hope you good dearie

  9. Chai I left a comment ohhhh! But I guess it didn't post ( I hope this one does sha).
    You're doing a great job with your blog and I can definitely see it growing bigger.

    P.S - I've replied your comment on my latest post


  10. Nice post, so true...xxx


  11. I love the looking up to the sky pose lol.. nice story