Bohemian Style Inspiration: Vanessa Hudgens


Most popularly known from the movie "High School Musical" where she played Gabriella, Vanessa Hudgens is one of my bohemian style icons. I really disliked her because of the character she played (don't mind us Nigerians). She was all nice, pretty, very smart and disgustingly cute. Yuck. I far preferred Sharpay, meanness and all.
I later saw a picture of her outfit and I was like "Whoa! Pause! That's Vanessa?" It was at that moment I learnt the difference between a person and the character he plays. She looked like a beautiful bohemian queen so I looked her up. I was NOT disappointed.
Vanessa has this "too cool to care", bohemian, edgy style that I absolutely love! There's a fine line between edgy bohemian and punk but Vanessa nails it. Every. Single. Time.
Vanessa is all about maxi skirts & dresses, loose fabric, croptops, oversized tops, sunglasses, wide brim hats (I don't think it's a staple but she has been wearing them a lot), sundressess, bohemian accessories and she seems to love floral print like me! Like minds?
Do you know she has a blog dedicated to her style? Yup! It's called DRESS LIKE VANESSA. It's  not hers, just some people who take her outfits and tell you exactly were to get the clothing articles. Check it out. Kinda of weird but we'll let it slide.

She dresses it down sometimes (as does everybody) and just goes for jeans but still looks fab and bohemian.
Vanessa seemingly doesn't take fashion too seriously and I think we can all learn from that. Be unservile, it's all about individual fashion.
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What do you think of Vanessa's style? Do you like the bohemian style? Have you rocked the bohemian style? Leave a link, let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!
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  1. I like her dress sense, simple and she carries herself with a lot of confidence. I too dont take fashion too seriously. My number 1 principle is, if I am comfortable with it, take rock it.

  2. Love. Anyone with an effortlessly chic style has my heart.
    When Will You Marry