Hello, October!


Happy New Month people! I would like to use this medium to wish my fellow Nigerians Happy Independence day, 55 years running! We have evolved some during that time.

How y'all been? Missed me? I have been tempted to full on take a break since hings have been so stressful (exams coming up :-'( ) but I decided to keep on because of the promise I made.

October in some places means fall. October here for me involves hoping it's cold this year. Has anyone noticed it seems to be getting hotter?

Just showing off my upcoming flatlaying skills. Plus, I think it's a pretty picture, don't you?
My September was so so. I can't say I learnt A LOT of lessons but at least I got something from it- How to be more tolerant. My patience was tested a lot.
My favourite book last month was definitely 100 Ways To A Stress Free life. It doesn't contain big life lessons but simple ones that are often overlooked that will definitely make a big difference in ones life. What was your favourite book in septempter?

I am definitely looking forward to this month ending- holidays! Haven't had a proper holiday since last year in my opinion. What are you looking forward to this new month? What lessons did you learn in the previous month? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. My book for this month was "Lost World". Its kind of like Jurassic Park but better. My September was the most adventurous month this year. It was so adventurous. That it even shocked me- Went mountain climbing. My October has started off well too. Hoping it is as amazing as September.


  2. I hope your October was far better than your September. Wishing you a fabulous and blessed November.

    Whenever you can, come around my blog www.iblogwithgrace.blogspot.com