Baby Got Red Hair, You Can Too!


So I did it! I finally dyed my African relaxed hair. I was caught between blue and red dye. I had my mind set on dyeing my hair blue but after testing it on a section of my hair, it showed black. Been there, done that. Sharply switched to red or more accurately, auburn (that's what it said on the pack).

I have been getting different reactions but the two most persistent ones were-

1. You dyed your real hair?!! *shocked*
2. That's your REAL hair?!!! It looks like a weave!!

The first one really surprises me. Like, why would I waste dye on a weave? *puzzled*
 I was going for an ombre look( brown fading into red/auburn) and that's why it looks like I dyed only the tips. The post would have been named "Baby Got Red Tips" or "Baby Got Red Hair Tips" but I don't know, it just didn't feel right. Any suggestions? I'd seriously consider it.

To Get The Look
This look is not as hard as it might seem. It might be a little daunting especially if you're doing this on your real hair (you know, if something goes wrong...) but I'm sure you'll get over it when you start rocking your fab new hair colour

Materials needed

- Red hair dye kit (d'uh)

- Healthy hair (you don't want to dye already damaged hair. It ain't gonna be pretty because it'll damage your hair more.)

- Water-proof hair cap with holes in it or a shower cap you can poke holes in. I don't know the right for this but it's needed for that ombre effect. You wear it/poke holes in it and bring sections of your hair out where the hair dye is to be applied.

What this does is that it covers the part dye isn't supposed to touch there by making the dyeing more effect and your life easier. I'm so sorry I don't have pictures of this. If this isn't clear to you, Please let me know it the comments so I can explain further.

- Another hair cap to cover the hair whilst you're in the hair dryer and letting the dye seep into the hair.

- Hair straightener, tongs, curlers. This part is flexible, depending on what hair style you want after everything.


  • Start by mixing the dye and activator (Comes with the pack).
  •  Wear the water-proof hair cap with the holes in it and start applying the dye. Concentrate on the tips first.
  • Wear the other hair cap and enter a hair dryer. You could also wait and let it dry naturally but this takes way too long in opinion and we still have a long way to go.
  • Remove the second hair cap and start dyeing the remaining parts of the hair not covered by the first hair cap. Work your way up because at this point, the hair dye is only concentrated on the tips and we want that ombre fading effect.
  • Let this sit for a while (no dryer necessary) and wash the dye off.
  • Shampoo, condition, then get on with your styling. I curled my hair then straightened it (which probably makes no sense but I love it!) and got a trim (#nosplitendszone) and voila!

The dye looks a lot stronger and better now but this is how it looked then. You'll see the current colour soon in upcoming outfit posts :)

P.S: I did not do this myself. I was simply extremely attentive while my stylist was doing his thing but now that you know the method, you could easily do this at home. I think the next time I dye my hair, I probably would to.


I'd like to use this medium to ask the MLB (Mira La Belle) family an important question. I'm thinking of incorporating a hair section into the blog since I basically blog about hair already. Also because I don't think there are enough blogs and articles about African relaxed hair (I checked). I'll let you know officially about my upcoming plans. So what do you think people? Would you be interested? Did you like this post? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!

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