The Experiment; How Three Different Shoes Changed One Outfit


It is often said that accessories make the outfit. I have always been a firm believer in this theory so I decided to put it to the test.

Shoes are a very important element of an outfit. It determines how the outfit turns out. You can't be going for a formal look and slip on sandals. It most certainly will not work unless you're going for funky.

This experiment was based on three different shoes, so i kept the accessories to the minimum- two rings, a bag and shoes. I kept the dress nd everything else the same to see the effects clearly. The same dress, two inconspicuous rings, black cross-body bag and minimal make-up.


Look #1: Casual N' Breezy

I was going for really casual with this look and I hope I pulled it off because for some strange reason, I make almost every outfit look casual (including a dressed up shirt and pencil skirt. *shrugs*)
This is a really comfortable look because of the sandals. Notice the casual attitude? No, I didn't do that on purpose.

Look #2: Dressed Up, Ready to Go

These shoes automatically give me a lift. The look might not be too dressed up but you can sense a change, even in my attitude. I no longer have the non-chalant air. I now seem maybe a little too confident. I guess thats the effect heeled shoes have on people *coughs* me *coughs*.

Look #3: Preppy N' Somewhat Shy

Yes, my love affair with socks has not ended one bit. The shoes (and socks) give an almost fragile feel to this look(in my opinion anyways) which is far different from the slightly formal and casual looks due to different shoes.

So let's run through the three looks again...

So therefore ladies and, hopefully, gentlemen I hope I have been able to convince you that accesories do make the outfit. Different shoes give different outfits different attitudes (I in no way intended for that to be a tongue twister).

What Do You Think?

Are you a huge fan of shoes? Do you feel accessories make the outfit? what do you think of the experiment? Are you convinced? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you.


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  1. Hi Ije, u r doing a grt job here. I love wat m seeing. Pls, keep it up. I love d #Look3: Preppy n somewhat shy. I feel its a classic n rare look. D only time i've seen a shoe n socks combo was frm a picture of Zaho(french musician). Does dis mean dat u r en-route à Paris? :D

  2. Yes darling I agree you are doing a great job. This is a great article. You just gave me some idea. And shoes are my vanity. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I don't like shoes all that much. Probably why I have such a limited collection. Thanks for your input.

  3. Lovely post. I love the outfits with the orange and black strappy heels and sandals but in not sure I would wear those shoes with the socks. But it's definitely your style and I love it. Good job.

    1. Thank you so much. Yea, you're more of the classy look.

  4. This is cute the 3 looks all say a diff story