FEMINISM: Beneath The Trend


I resent how the word "feminist" has now come to mean someone who's open-minded and non-judgmental. Feminism now means a movement that's all about pro-choice, not judging people based on their size, sexual preference and the likes.

Feminism used to mean a political movement arguing that legal and social restriction on females must be removed in order to bring about equality of both sexes in all aspects of life. It was basically about balance. It really saddens me to see that the word has already taken on a different meaning. Some people these days even see feminism as hating men.

I recently read an article where the writer was deeply offended because, supposedly, an actress, Shailene Woodley Proclaimed that  she wasn't a feminist because she did not hate men. I had to agree with the writers side because feminism doesn't necessarily involve hating men.

Shailene's statement, according to the writer, really fascinated me because she starred in the movie of a book I love, Divergent, and plays the part of an independent, strong female. A part, I might add, that would have been acted by a man in those days if not for the feminists in previous times who fought tooth and nails to get women rights to stand on stage.
Whilst I might offend a lot of people, I feel like modern day "feminists" are undoing the work of women who gave every thing they had for women to have the rights they do today. A lot of people don't even know what feminism is about. It's a trend so people jump on it not really appreciating the movement.

Every system has its flaws. I obviously don't support everything the movement might stand for. For instance, there are women who don't wear bras because it's a contraption created by men. I wouldn't go that far but these days, the word feminism leaves a sour taste in my mouth. People who do it for the status are making some of us who really believe in women's rights look ridiculous.

A man told me, non-nonchalantly I might add, the other day that women lack the charisma that men have. I was stunned. He added the cherry on the rotten cake by saying "Feminism is about women trying to make men feel sorry for them." I was so offended I walked away.
Feminism is about women having choices and options and not being boxed in a corner because their woman. If she wants to stay at home, not go to school, or be the C.E.O of a company, it should be her choice.

I attended a women's empowerment seminar the other day and had the opportunity to listen to Agatha Amata. As it turns out, most females who want to go into the entertainment industry either want to act or sing. This may stem from the fact that people believe men should direct, produce and write scripts for movies. Women are referred to as the weaker sex based on physical strength (and not in all cases these days) but none of these roles or tasks require any strength apart from mental strength.

The discovery of the ovum was a major breakthrough in the world of feminism. The fact that without the woman, a child couldn't be conceived either really shook the world because up till that point, people saw the woman as the incubator and the man just spilled the child into her and it grew then was born.

I feel more seminars should be held to let women know that they could aim higher and not be restricted to certain levels because they're women. To let men and women train their daughters knowing that she could reach any height she wanted to attain. Men can do anything. So can we.
We shouldn't let society put us in the female-box. Break out, the world is yours for the taking.

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 What Do You think?

What does feminism mean to you? Are you a feminist? What do you think about the movement these days?
Did I go too far? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you. 

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  1. This is some really deep stuff, and since I don't want to write an epistle. The way I see it, when I say I am a feminist to someone, I mean proper equal rights, maybe not as, bcus someone is always sacrificing something for another. And by someone I mean both male and female when ever you say something about a lady that is suppose to be degrading or whatever. As I said I don't want to write an epistle. Hopes this makes some sense


    1. Yea, it does make sense. Thank you so much for the input.

  2. Well In this modern day,some women are shallow and lack self esteem.some don't think they have a right to be heard.they literally give up their careers and ambitions for a male figure in their lives.while there are still some strong,willful and independent women who still feel the need to fight for the liberation of women's rights in the society.shoutout to all the women of substance in the world.signing out..........Brandy ��

    1. I totally agree. I feel it starts from how the child is trained and taught to look at his/herself. Thanks for the input.

  3. This post is very powerful and deep. Kind of a wake-up call to some. I agree with Brandy, saying that some women have given up their lives to male figures in their lives. But the reality of this "equal rights" movement is that some women don't really want to be equal. The equality the REAL feminist want is in every shpere of life but some women only want it economically. For example, if a woman get arrested for some crime, they expect that their punishment should be less than a mans own. I'm a strong believer in feminism and in the words of Chimamanda, "Feminist, a classical belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes...". This means if your boss treats every man like shit, don't expect any better on grounds that you're a woman. Just saying.


    1. I tagree. I don't particularly like women who use men or skirt about punishment because they're women. You did the crime, do the time.( I made that up on the spot ;) ) Thanks for the input.

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  5. Hey cuz,thumbs up...would av loved to call myself a feminist buh I guess some cultural and traditional men I av around me made it easier...well ur post is a wake up call for those who call themselves feminists buh av no idea wat it means....just to made d definition easier,I see feminism as a man also being able to do wat he expects is a woman's duty....lemme share a story...on a particular day I closed from work very tired and wit a trlerrible headache buh being as it is dat I still av administrative work to do and no light in my house I had to go to a friend's house(a guy),on getting dere I told him I was very hungry,tired and dat I had a terrible headache,well I went abt my work,plugged my laptop and got down to doin wat I was dere for,fortunately he just came back from an occasion wit his cousin and friend so he told his friend to bring d food dey brought back from d car...den d funniest tin happened,wen d friend brought d food he placed it beside him with me a lil distant away bub he had to call me to come and share d food,I was upset not because he asked me to share d food buh becos I was actually busy doin sumtin else while he wasn't doin anytin buh expected me to leave wat I was doing,move from where I was to come share d food dat was already placed beside him wit spoon and plates and den I asked him of d food wud be less nutritious if he did d sharing and he got angry...lol

  6. Being a feminist is not a Title. And the word should be used alongside its meaning. Everyone has said well, I should not say any further. Great post.