What I Wore: Borrowed From The Boys


 Last month I decided I needed to get out more. Problem is I'm an indoors person and I get bored at events really fast. So I decided to restrict myself to events or outings related to my interests; fashion, photography, christainity, science, and almost all forms of art.
On this particular day, this is what I wore to the Vlisco Store Launch in Lagos, Ikeja City Mall.

Androgyny is one of my favourite styles in fashion. It's basically a combination of female and male elements in one outfit.This is my dad's shirt that I "borrowed" but we both know I am never returning it. I love the print, the cut and the texture. I gave the outfit the female element with the skirt and the casual heeled brogues. Added a necklace to complete the look. 

This look is basically my uniform- Big shirt, short skirt, any shoe that fits the mood. I like to think it's my signature look ;)

Outfit details:

I really don't know how to do this part. I'm I supposed to tell you the brand and/or where I bought the item from:? Let me know in the comments exactly what you want to know. For now, I'll do my best.

SHIRT: Borrowed from dad.
SKIRT: Gotten from Yaba, Zara.
SHOES: Gotten from a market in Cotonou,Your feet look gorgeous. 
BAG: Gift from mum
NECKLACE: Gift from dad.

I think that covers it.

What Do You Think?
Are you a fan of Androgyny? How would you have styled this outfit? Was this post helpful? Do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. I love this androgynous look. I get confused too about outfit details. I usually just list the brand, I think that's most relevant. Not sure if it's right.


    1. Thank you. Hmmn... I don't know. I like to know where people get their dresses from so...
      Thanks for the input!

  2. I like the honesty in your write-ups.

    1. Thank you so much! Not a lot of people appreciate it. Glad to see someone who finally does.

  3. I like d craziness d confidence and d dark colors to go..... GOLD baby

  4. Well i gotta say ,something about the mixing of two polar elements of dressing feels right.. nice one ..oh by the way totally defines ur style if u do sat so myself...

  5. i would have worn a belt it giv it more shape and make it for fitting.

    Simply Uneeke