Would you wear double-winged eyeliner?


I am a very big fan of the winged eyeliner a.k.a the cat eye. It's become a trend that's apparently here to stay at least for a while before moving on. It puts a dash of glamourous to almost every look and has been done so many different ways. 

I was drawing a cartoon character the other day and drew two bold lashes on her face. Decided to ticken it and it basically became a double-winged eyeliner. Eureka!

I jumped up immediately, grabbed my liquid eyeliner and tried it out. Fell in love on the spot. I decided to look it up and found more artistic and creative versions.


The pros and cons

-A really good way to switch up your style
-More attention (this could go both ways)
-Good conversation starter
-Edgy look (again, could go both ways)
-Fun and experimentation- provides room for creativity
-Versatility: Not sure if this look is for you? Go with simpler versions. For now.

-People staring
-Not many places to rock this look unless you work in a fashion-forward environment.
-People staring.
-Slightly difficult to achieve. You could easily get around this one by looking up a double-winged eyeliner tutorial
-Did I mention PEOPLE STARING?

In Conclusion, this look is for the brave.

So my question is this: Would you wear double-winged eyeliner?

I'll go first: Yes please! I'm loving this look and would rock it for a while.

Here are my versions:

With Red lipstick

Don't panic, I just don't like powder or foundation and I probably need to exfoliate. As for the hair, it's the rain's fault. :I

With green lipstick

Same as the previous picture apart from the hair part :)

Please forgive the imperfection of the eyeliner, I am a novice after all.

What do you think?

Would you try this? Any suggestions on how to improve on the look? Was this post helpful? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!

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