Photography: Twilight Delight


Dear photography enthusiast,

How art thou? Hopefully you're having a swell time capturing life's moments in photos.
As you know, my love for flowers, plants, and all things nature is eternal. I have not stopped getting odd stares from people as I stoop low or close in to capture things in my surroundings.

I have made a new discovery, one that I'll no doubt obsess with for a while- Taking pictures of flowers at twilight. Yes, I know, nature is best captured when there's enough light to show all the features. Or so I thought. Sure, most pictures taken at this time will be darker, not as sharp and so on. But as is common knowledge, beauty can be found where we least expect it.
Twilight is the time just before nightfall when the daylight has almost gone but when it's not completely dark. That is, it starts after sunset.

The picture which led to my discovery

It was there. The pride of Barbados (I mean in the picture above) was there swinging ever so gracefully in the slight wind. It was getting dark but I could not help my self. So I leaned in, went down and took this

As I reviewed the picture, I fell in love. This picture is in no way edited. Not even cropped. Taken with an android, not one of those phones with an AWESOME camera although, it was good enough.

Granted, the picture was taken when the sun was almost down. Almost. you can tell from the pink residue in the sky. Trust me, in about 2 minutes, it was gone

A more authentic velvety darling
Now this one just proves my point. It's a dark picture. I could have edited it and made it bright. You know, adjusted the brightness and stuff. It would probably look better if i had increased the saturation. But... look. Really look. Can you see it? It's beautiful. That kind of dark subtle beauty that catches you unawares. The light wavy tips of the leaves, that velvety look you can almost feel.

I actually wanted to take this picture at sunset but was a little too late but decided to take it anyway. No regrets, none at all.

Dark ain't so bad.

I don't like using flash when taking pictures of flowers ("don't like" because hate is such a strong word). Firstly, I believe it ruins a natural moment. Secondly, I think it makes the flower's feautures look harsh somehow. I think the dark look made the flower stand out and made it look delicate but strong. With the dark background, I fell in love. Again.

Blurry bluish-white sweetheart
 The soft light gave this white petals of this sweetheart a blue tinge. I like the overall effect and the composition. But... I think I was a little shaky (getting the right angle isn't always easy) and that blurred the picture a bit. Still.
The Lone Ranger
Discovered this lonely flower. No family or friend but it seems to be doing fine. The thing I really love about this picture is the ombre effect i.e., the fading colour of the flower.

The non-velvety sibling of the velvety darling
 This is by far my best picture of the lot. It seems to speak to me. I can't explain it. I really like the composition. That purple thing in the background? That's the flower of another plant. I think it adds character to this picture.

What do you think my friend? How would you have taken the pictures? What would you change? Any area you think I can improve on? Would you join me on my twilight delight theme? I'd love to hear from you.

Yours sincerely,

Your ever faithful photography novice.

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