Photography: Black and White vs. Colour


Dear Photography Enthusiast,

You might not know this but I'm one of those people who thinks everything looks better in black and white. I believe once there's shadow and light, a black and white filter automatically makes the picture look better- it emphasizes the features we would normally overlook.

In the processing stage of pictures, for me, the hardest decision is this- Black and white or colour? I say processing because I always take colour pictures then decide if I want to leave it colour or filter.

Now you be the judge. There are four pictures with both black and white and colour versions. Which ones do you think look best?



My Take: The black and white wins hands down for me in this one. Notice how in the black and white picture the folds at the corner of the leaf are more obvious?



My Take: Black and white here again. There's this amazing contrast the colour one just doesn't have.



My Take: For this picture, for some strange reason, I prefer the colour version.

So what do you think my friend? Whilst I think Black and white pictures have more depth, I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Your ever faithful photography novice.








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  1. This is absolutely and white is bae