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Grey hair in general has been making serious waves for a while now.  In fact, style has been getting bolder over the years.  Most things that were restricted to runways are now being incorporated in day-to-day style.  Put simply,  it's now in style to be stylish.

 For a while,  everyone just wore weaves but now,  braids are back and bigger with a variety of styles to choose from. Add the ease of styling, and braids are definitely the way to go. 

Basic black or brown isn't cutting it anymore. We've been seeing a lot of colours like blue,  wine,  blonde and all those the interesting colours,  including pink,  but the colour that really caught my eye is grey or silver if you will. 

I am loving this trend not only because grey is one of my best colours,  but also because it looks really hip.  It adds this BOOM factor to your look and if pulled off well,  would spread the grey syndrome. ;)

Wondering how to rock grey hair? Here are some of my tips:

 Firstly, be prepared - staring comes with the trend. 

  You've decided you're going do it.  You've made your hair and you're loving it!  You dress up and go about your daily business... Except people keep staring and staring and staring!

It's all about the confidence.  No matter what,  people will stare so just go about your business and enjoy your hairstyle.  Some would love it,  some wouldn't.  All the matters is you love it.

Be occasion appropriate 

If you work in a place with a strict dress code,  I'ld advise using a few strands of grey mixed with black just to add a little va va voom without crossing the line. We like to respect the dress code rules and all.

Just a touch if you please

Not daring enough to use all grey? Again,  a few strands, one, two or more is advisable. Then you can rock the trend without being too out there. You could also make it ombré- just grey at the tips which is also very stylish.

Play with it,  mix it up. 

You could try different attachments with different textures like wool for instance. Or kinky braids. They add an Afro-punk feel to your look which is really funky.

Lastly,  it doesn't start and end with braids.  

You could twist your grey attachment,  fix a grey weave,  dye your hair grey (I would advise a light grey,  almost moon blonde colour),  and experiment with other things.  Life is too short for boring hair :) 

So! I'ld like to know... 

Would you wear grey braids? What do you think of the trend? Yay or Nay? Let me know in the comments. 
Wishing you a lovely week ahead! 
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