So I am very huge fan of Instagram. I must confess, I wasn't very keen on joining (I am weary of social media honestly) but a friend insisted I join. So I checked Instagram out and voila! A world of pictures! Some amazing, some not-so amazing but it was fabulous- a social network all about pictures.

As most of you know, I am somewhat addicted to androidography (android photography) and Instagram feeds my addiction. And I also tend to jump on "trends" a tad too late. But seriously, there so many photographers out there with amazing concepts. Then there's the fashion. Oh the fashion!

I am sure you're like "Whaaaaat??" "Lookit this girl all starry-eyed and babbling about Instagram." Don't worry, this post actually has a point.

Insta-log is a weekly(-ish) blogpost on the pictures I post on Instagram and the history behind them. No really, Instagramers are kinda odd. They write long epistles on life just to post a simple picture. It's nice and all gets tiring after a while.

My posts are on fashion, nature, FLOWERS, the sun and anything that catches my fancy.

To the pictures!

IG Caption:'s a beautiful day.

This was taken on Sunday. Love, love, love this flower! My mum planted it at the front of our house. It looks strong but it's quite fragile. I have a thing for flowers, don't know what to do about it.

IG Caption: Come over to the dark side... We have candy ;)

This picture was taken on Monday between classes. Yes, it was stressful but what's a girl gonna do? *shrugs* At this moment, to be honest, I was thinking "Take this picture so I can go back to class on time."

IG Caption: Raindrops on my window...

I was in a cab, grateful to be out of the persistent rain. Looked out the window, couldn't resist. Taken on Wednesday while I was rushing to some orientation program.

IG Caption: Throwback to 2013.

One would think this is me in like 2018. My friend said I look like a warrior princess...not sure I agree with him. This was a #tbt (Throwback Thursday) post. Just because. No, I am not a model, just dabbled.

IG Caption: To new friends.

This is Emmanuella. This girl is crazy. Good crazy. How awesome are her glasses tho. She's a blogger too (coincidentally) and I am a big fan of her blog- Bucket List Goddess. And yes, I took the picture. :)

IG Caption: Early morning classes... it's the little things like this view that make me smile- I am NOT a morning person.

Ugh! I really dislike morning classes. So unfair! I basically roll out of bed every morning. Yes, I am not particularly organized. I was walking to class and I looked up and behold, the view! It's quite simple but beautiful in it's simplicity. For the first time, I zoomed in and my phone camera wasn't looking blurry. It was a good day. Haha.

To be fair, I guess I must warn you that I don't post this often. I think this week was an awesome androidography week. You can follow me on Instagram @unservile_fashionist. For some strange reason, people don't get the name. I wonder why that is?

Wishing you an enjoyable and relaxing weekend!


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