Random Reflexxions


Have you guys ever wondered... People say everyone's different so who is then the same?

I guess at the basic level, we are all similar. We eat. We breathe. We laugh. We smile.

There are many unspoken rules that we all follow. When people break those rules, they are either shunned or praised.

What is the point? We all wanna live or at least appreciate that fact that we have life. Deep down, no one really wants to die. We take several precautions like looking left and right before crossing the road, eating healthy and exercising to stay alive when the one thing in life that is inevitable is the very thing we run from.

Death is not good or bad. It just is.

I believe people who commit suicide feel trapped and/or are in pain and feel death is the only way out. My friend once said "Why would people commit suicide when they know it'll land them straight to hell?" I never thought about that. But then again people who are considering suicide aren't really in the right state of mind, are they? They just want a route of escape. In the right frame of mind, the typical human behaviour is to run as far as possible from death...unless one has something to prove.

"To live doesn't mean you're alive."

A song on the radio. Nicki Minaj hit the nail on the head with that one. One can go through life without really living. No adventure. No risks. Nothing different. Nothing.

An empty word. Used almost everyday by me. I wonder what it would feel like to have nothing. To feel nothing. Numb.

Routine doesn't mean death... does it?

I like routines. Patterns. They make life predictable. Is that good or bad? When one becomes predictable, one becomes boring. Yet, when one behaves out of the ordinary, people become uncomfortable. Make a choice, will you?

I guess finding a balance is a bit like the weather- It is predictable for the most part. Sometimes, it surprises you. Pleasant or not, still a surprise that we have to live with.

So live life, be yourself, enjoy your routines and be spontaneous in your spontaneity.

Love thy #selfie

Since we are being random, here are some random selfies of yours truly

I tried blue lipstick...thoughts?

Acne...Woes of a teenager. It's just hormones they said.

The pictures were gotten from Instagram, follow me @unservile_fashionist.

Wishing you a great week ahead!

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  1. I like the selfies :) especially the first one ;)

  2. I like the random tots.. its another way to inspire people. The blue lipstick aint bad too

  3. Such a great post. I love to have routines as well but sometimes its great to do new things and be outside the box :)
    You look so beautiful in these photos :)