#ootd: Minuscule Florals


 Hey people! Long time no outfit-post.

Today's outfit was not what I had in mind. I actually wanted to go for preppy look with a blazer, this dress, and brogues but I wasn't feeling it at all. I just wanted to be casual. Wearing what you're comfortable with, as long as you're not breaking any sartorial rules, is very key.

The outfit is important but how you wear it is more important. Self-confidence and style go hand in hand. You could wear a sac and as long as you wear it with confidence,  people would be drawn to it.

This dress is a personal favourite. Gotten from Yaba (just noticed a lot of my clothes were gotten from Yaba.) Same goes for the bracelet. My aunt gave me that jacket and I have rocked the hell out of it!

My friend gave me the bag. I love it! The sandals were gotten from Jumia. You can get them here. I was so happy when I got these sandals because I had been searching for the right gladiator sandals (I feel they complement my style) and found the right ones when I found these from Bellucci.

Necklaces were gotten from Cotonou. A friend gave me the dog tag. Also noticing a lot of my stuff are from mum, aunts-basically relatives and friends. I guess it's not so bad - It makes some of my stuff one of a kind.

OK, now the fun part....

A series of my reactions when asked Why I bother with Fashion:

 Reaction 1: I'm thinking "You did not just ask that."

 Reaction 2: How do I even answer you? How do I start? (While searching for some sarcastic remark)


Reaction 3: OK, so for you to ask that, you obviously know nothing about fashion. I don't have time to waste.

Wishing you a great week ahead!

Your thoughts?

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