Trend Watch: Gladiator Sandals For Men


Sandals have always been on the Nigerian Male fashion scene. For some strange reason, in some countries, "Mandals" (male sandals) are frowned upon. The typical Nigerian male knows that sandals or "Palm slippers" are essential to our fashion scene.

Gladiator sandals for men have since emerged in 2008/2009 but didn't quite catch on due to the fact that they were known to be a female "thing". Gladiators date far back to Caesar's time and to the sixties when they became quite fashionable because celebrities wore them.


In 2011, fashion designers tried to bring them back and they became a huge trend. Since then, we've been seeing them on various runways. Flash-forward 2014, more and more people are embracing the trend. Not just on runways anymore, they are now worn more often by men in everyday life.

I think the trend didn't quite catch on because the runway styles were too "out there" for most men's taste. We've been seeing more wearable versions (not just knee-highs anymore) and I think this trend just might stand a chance.

How to wear Gladiator Sandals

So you're intrigued and you're thinking "ok, perhaps I'd like to try that" but you're not quite sure how to wear them...

First and foremost I think you should stick with simple styles for now. When you're more into the trend, you can build your collection from there.

Find a pair that go well with your feet, something that gives your feet a slimming and refined appearance.

Gladiators are quite informal and should be worn with casual outfits but if you're feeling daring, rock them with a suit or a formal attire. It just might work... like this white ensemble.


Lastly and most importantly, clean and tidy feet. No matter how stylishly dressed, untidy feet is still untidy feet.

Here are my picks.

Your thoughts?

Would you wear gladiator sandals? Are you a fan of sandals? Which is your favourite outfit? Does this trend make you uncomfortable? Let me know in the comments.

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