Saying Bye To The Bun


Hey people! Happy New Month. Sorry it's coming late (as usual). Let me start by singing "Happy Birthday to me!" Today is my birthday and I've had so much fun! Didn't do anything particularly exciting but today was a very happy day.

I have been wanting to cut my hair short for a very long time but I was scared. Scared of losing length, scared of the high-maintenance, and not being able to just pack your hair into a bun when you're not in the mood. I'd like to think many people can relate to this. In fact, when I was getting the hair cut, a woman beside asked "Why?" One word.

I realize I look bored in this picture. I was probably tired of moving my head this way and that just to get the right angle. Good angle though.

My inspiration...

I hadn't decided on the style I wanted until I came across this one. This is Frankie from  The Saturdays. As soon as I saw this, I was like "Ok, I am getting my hair cut ASAP!" I wasn't sure if the style would fit me. In fact, someone told me it wouldn't look nice but I did it anyway.

Short hair is pretty awesome. It adds some personality to your look. I am loving my look right now. Hopefully, by next week, I'll still feel the same way..

Short hairstyles to try


It's December and the holidays are upon us so I decided to take some selfies in front of a huge Christmas tree. For some strange reason, I'm rubbish at taking pictures of myself...

Your thoughts?

What do you think? Do you like short hair? Do you think it's too difficult to maintain? Are you loving my new look? Let me know in the comments.

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