Fashion Forecast: 8 Fashion Trends I think are going to totally rock 2015



Fashion forecast as the name implies, is basically a prediction of future fashion trends. Like weather people, we scour through runway looks and what the designers are up to, to give predications. We looked through the crystal ball to show you what fashion in 2015 might be like.

This year, a lot of trends caught our attention and hearts. Many became personal favourites as we found them piling up in our wardrobes.

Some trends that totally rocked 2014


Lace, Statements & slogans tee's, Oversized boyish outfits, sporty-chic outfits, dungarees & over-alls, wide leg pants, pointy shoes, Frayed/ripped denim, sneakers, cropped everyting, flatforms, etc.

My predictions

The list is quite long so brace yourselves!


Bold Florals


I think at this point, we should start referring to floral print as a classic. It keeps coming back year after year.




So excited about this one. Love it!

Architectural Geometric Patterns



Electric blue

Uhm.. I remember electric blue. Two years ago, I think designers called it "cobalt blue." Am I right people?

Shades Of Green



Green Again. 2013. 2014. Now, 2015. Not. complaining.




I am a HUGE fan of fringe.

That 70's Look

I look into my crystal ball and predict... a comeback of the 70's! This one looks really promising and I have high hopes.



I am a firm believer that this trend will stay strong this year. People seem unable to let it go.

Chunky heels


This one makes me kinda nervous. I love my stilettos... and flats of course.

Your thoughts?

What do you think? Are you fond of any of these trends? Which of these do you see yourself rocking? Do you agree with my forecast? Let me know in the comments.

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