Sentiments Of an Unservile Fashionist



The glamour. The bright lights. The fame. It's all very attractive and appealing. At first anyway.

Like many people, I always had this idea of who I wanted to become when I grow up- a powerful, successful, glamourous, influential female. So powerful was my desire to become this person in my head that it never occured to me to take a moment to figure out exactly what made me happy. I'd like to think a lot of people are with me on this.
You see what I failed to realise was that there is no final stage in "growing up". We grow every day, we learn new things about ourselves that we never knew and we find new things that make us happy. Like choosing a new career or coming up with a new business idea. Yes, Rome wasn't built in a day but it was on a fateful day that the building of Rome began.

In most cases, we are lesser versions of who we are in our heads. What I mean is the person we want to be is often better than who we are. May be happier, richer, or in my case more glamourous.


There's this TV series I LOVE. It's called "Hart of Dixie". The lead character, Zoey, is a doctor who went to one of those ivy league med schools. she wanted to follow her father's footsteps to become a fancy cardio surgeon. Unfortunately, after her internship, she wasn't retained at a top hospital in New York because she didn't see the patients as people with feelings, she saw them as tasks or projects. One of the top doctors told her to take a year off as a GP (General Practician) after which they'll consider taking her back so she finds herself in this small town as a GP. She eventually finds herself and becomes happy.

The problem Zoey had was even though she was genuinely happy, she was at war with her true self and this idea she had of how her life should be compared to what it was.


The glamour. The bright lights. The fame. We desire it and think our lives would be way better if it were more glamourous. If we had more money. Like everything in life, being famous has its pros and cons. I like my life. I like the people around me, my friends and family. Sure, I like celebrities and keep up with their lives but only as a past time activity. I have real goals and career plans. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be famous its just easy to forget the hard work that should get us there. Rome wasn't built in a day but it was on a fateful day that the building of Rome began.

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