Sashaying In Tulle


Tomorrow marks the beginning of december. Wow! Feels like just yesterday, we were saying goodbye to 2013 and today, we're saying goodbye to 2014!

Colour blocking can be quite intimidating. I'm not a fan of bright colours (for some reason, black and grey/wine/army green/any colour doesn't count as colour blocking. *rolls eyes*) so if I want to colour-block, I do so with accessories. It's fun and most importantly, FOOL-PROOF.

For this outfit, I just started with the crop-top and built around it. The tulle "skirt" is actually a dress. (from Cami)I tried the top with a skirt but there was too much skin (for me) showing.

The Purple and red combo is one of my favourite colour combinations. Not a very popular one but it's sure to make you look stylish (and stand out).


The red bag is actually borrowed from mum. It's Elizabeth Taylor (The bag came with a perfume, promo/gift stuff). The purple shoes are from Shoe Dazzle. I haven't worn them in about 2 years! I don't wear heels a lot. Flat shoes all the way mehn!

The brooch was given to me by my mum. It's a "family heirloom" or at least I intend it to be.


Your thoughts?

What's your favourite colour blocking combo? Would you wear this outfit? Are you a fan of tulle or crop-tops? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I love the accessories. The brooch

    1. Thanks! I love that brooch! My mum bought it when she was my age.
      Thanks for the comment! :D