One Look, Two Ways- Oversized Shirt + Skirt


You know you are in a fashion rut when you feel like you have been wearing a particular set of dresses (i.e, your go-to outfits) over and over. I think I have come up with a simple and obvious solution- Mix things up a bit.

My go-to outfit would be a sleeveless dress, oversized shirt/blazer (depending on the occasion) and flats. So this time, I decided to go with my oversized shirt and a skirt instead. I actually wanted to use the shirt as a jacket (as I would normally do) but decided to button it down for a change and I absolutely love the result.

 In the first outfit, I went with a pink polka-dot skater skirt and a grey shirt. I used the skinny belt to add structure seeing as the skirt is flared and the shirt is big. The wine crossbody bag is because I love the combination of pink and wine. I wanted to wear black heels with this outfit but then it started raining and I really wasn't in the mood anymore.

I think I prefer the second outfit. Probably because the colours are dark and netrual. I love those shoes! They're a bit undersized (a gift from my aunt) but whatever. I mean, it's Nine West.

I used the same grey shirt to emphasize the mixing things up theme. So its's the same look, same concept, but totally different outfits.

Your thoughts?

Which outfit is your favourite? Would you wear any of the outfits above? How do you get out of a fashion rut? Let me know in the comments. 

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