Sunday Fashion


On Sundays, I am usually dressed down. This upsets my mum. No surprise there- she expects me to be classy and elegant and believes those qualities should reflect in my style. I express who I am through fashion so there's no way that's going to happen. Maybe if I become elegant and graceful. Till then.

Anyway, today I just felt like dressing up so the first thing I did was throw in my black Mary-Jane heels to the picture I was creating in my mind. I usually think about the outfit in my head seeing as I know my wardrobe. Then I added the suede-look wine skirt because I REALLY wanted to wear it. I "Up cycled" it yesterday. Translation- I changed it from hideous to okay-looking with some ripping and sewing. Was so happy with the results!

The plaid crop top was added because I wanted to look dressed up but edgy. Finally topped the look with the fedora.Seriously, accessories make an outfit. The outfit looked so different without the hat on. All in all, I think the look worked fabulously. It's good to step out of your comfort zone once in a while.

Your thoughts?


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