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There's a lot of stuff to be learnt from books. I know, obviously. I am not referring to inspirational books or academic books. I mean novels. Even movies. I had been hearing about the book, "Divergent "and seeing as I am a huge fan of Percy Jackson, and every other person who likes Percy Jackson likes Divergent, I decided to read it. I am now a fan. Certified.

The book is very...deep. One of the things I got from it is the definition of courage.

There's a difference between not being afraid and acting despite your fear. The first is fearlessness and the latter is courage.

Another definition is gotten from The Princess Diaries. Courage is not the Absence of fear but the knowledge that something else is more important.

And a quote from the renowned Mark Twain, "Courage is not the absence of fear. It is acting inspite of it."

Novels or Movies are not all about the story line or plot. There's always some knowledge to be gained (and fashion of course).


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