Green all the way


Oversized t-shirts are awesome for so many reasons. Wearing an oversized tee makes you look quirky. In a good way. The t-shirt in the pictures is actually my dad's oversized tee turned into a dress. I wore it with mary janes ( soo doesn't go with grass but whatever), statement necklace, a wristwatch, bracelet and rings- an attempt to ugrade the look from shabby to shabby-chic. I think it was successful.


I named this post "Green all the way" because green seemed to be everywhere. I love green so...more green i say!
I tried a casual look with a cross body bag, brogues (not visible, sorry), round sunglasses and a dog tag.


I hereby use this medium to isssue a fashion challenge. Wear an oversized tee (with or without leggings, jeans, a skirt, anything you want) and send pictures to my email and your pictures will be featured on my blog.

Your thoughts?

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