Sentiments of an Unservile Fashionist


So I was watching Disney channel the other day, ‘Austin & Ally’ to be precise, and a male character (Dez) admitted to loving romance movies. He said "they experience love in a way that we can only dare to dream about." ‘They’ there being the characters in the romance movies of course, but it sure got me thinking how very true that is. People watch romance movies and think "oh come on! That only happened because it’s a movie!" I mean we watch movies because we want to see life from another perspective innit? At least that’s why I watch them. A movie gives us the chance (very limited to hours of course) to live a different life and see how it would be if we didn’t have this life.

Because it only happens in movies...

Superman was probably a dream (don’t we all imagine being super and being able to do extraordinary things?). Someone made that dream into a movie and that person has now given us insight on how cool it would be from his perspective and the ups and downs. Reality shows are not so different either. For those of us who wondered how awesome it would be to live life in the fast lane, well, we get to see it on TV and for half a sec, we actually feel like we are a part of it. It’s also a very easy way to ignore our reality- I know this from experience: when I’m really sad, watching some certain movies or shows makes me feel way better.

Well, back to our original thought ‘the love we only dare to dream about’. I thought how very ironic this is because Disney films head the romance world what with all the prince charming and happily ever after talk. At this age people wonder why I watch Disney princess cartoons and movies, but really, anyone who hasn’t watched at least one has probably been frozen in ice (like our friend Aang in avatar *wink*) for years and years. The story’s always pretty much the same-a maltreated daughter, witch mother/step-mother/absent mother, finally meets her prince charming and lives happily ever after. Predictable, right? But if look at it this way, these stories actually give people hope (apart from FIRM realists though) and has one main lesson-your life might dull or gloomy and it may seem like the sun will never shine again but don’t despair, good will always win out and you can have a chance at happily ever after.

That been said, romance movies make us hold out hope that one day, surely one day, we too will find our prince charming and live happily ever after however short that might be.

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