Campus Street Style


In the name of Fashion Friday, I went to UNILAG (University Of Lagos) and went hunting for Awesome street style. This is my first time of doing this sort of thing so forgive the quality of the pictures. It wasn't exactly pre-meditated. Next time will be better, hopefully.

As I walked around observing, I noticed that most of the girls wore your typical combos like t-shirt + Jeans & maxi dress/skirt + sandals except they put a spin on it which is what fashion is all about. There's nothing new under the sun. We just change things up a bit and create new fun looks.

# 1

Memma was quite surprised when I walked up to her and asked to take a picture. I was surprised she was surprised. Her bohemian look caught my eye almost immediately as she walked pass. Her Afro, necklace and sandals tie in the look perfectly. How awesome is her maxi dress??


I had quite a laugh with these two friends, Bunmi and Simi as they teased each other. A fashionable pair, they added a fun twist to your basic jeans and t-shirt combo. I am a big fan of hats and I love when people incorporate hats into their outfit like simi did. Bunmi's patterned pants completely stole the show.


Tundun dressed up the standard maxi dress and sandals with a blazer and statement necklace. I don't like combining sandals and blazers but Tundun pulls it of perfectly. The colourful stripes on her dress are beautiful and that's what drew my attention.


Jennifer was in quite a hurry but still gave me her time which I very much appreciate. Her outfit is very simple but well pulled off. From the beautiful print of the top to the make-up, she showed there's beauty in simplicity.


As soon as I saw Nene, I knew I had to include her in this post. I love her attitude and how she wore her Dashiki (the top). The addition of the slip-on sneakers and funky necklace made this look unique. She used her make-up as an accessory and cuffed her jeans. One word, Awesome.


Wilfred made the usual African ensemble singular by wearing these shorts. I love the length. One inch longer, it would have been normal and one inch shorter, it would have been weird. His necklace, bracelet and wristwatsch sum up the look. 


Again, this beauty used the regular "T-shirt + jeans + flats = Fool-proof " formular but she didn't play it safe. Her mesh top with its subtle geometric pattern changed things up. The cherry on the cake was her matching sunglasses and shoes. Cool right?

I'll be back with more street style (not necessarily campus street syle). Hope you guys enjoyed this!

Your thoughts?

Did I miss anything in my analysis of their looks?? Would you wear any of these looks?? Would you like to see more street style?? Which of the looks is your favourite?? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. wow!!!! nice .....

  2. There's a lot of interesting fashion in unilag. I did a post and I really wanted to start a series but then school got in the way...

    1. That's the exact same thing that happened here. I'll see if I can continue though.