Style tip: How to make your outfit look more sophisticated (male fashion)


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As a female, I always wondered what guys were always fussing about when it came to fashion. It's not like much effort is required- you wear trousers or shorts and throw on a shirt. How hard can that be? Apparently very hard. Little did I know that the lack of options was indeed the problem. Females have so many options: dresses, skirts and trousers in different shapes and forms, but for guys its simply tops and bottoms. What makes the difference in each outfit is the accessories, from hats and scarfs to unique belts and awesome shoes. So here's my style tip...

Just add a blazer.

It's that easy. From a crisp white shirt and black trousers to a t-shirt and shorts combo, blazers go with every thing and amp up the style factor while giving your outfit a clean look.
The formal look

The casual look
My point? When in doubt just throw a blazer on. A form-fitting blazer can create a completely new silhouette- the clean lines of a blazer instantly lean you out. They’re completely versatile and can work with anything from black tie to a t-shirt. The possibilities are endless. Investing in a blazer jacket will, I can assure you, make your style look more mature, polished and stylish. Besides, girls love guys who wear blazers!

Shop for fit:

 Fit is everything. The entire jacket should follow the natural lines of your body. The back should lay flat, the armholes should be high enough to delineate your chest, the torso should taper inward to define your midsection, and the shoulders should end where your shoulders end. The sleeve should show just about a half-inch of shirt cuff, and perhaps most importantly, the proper length of the jacket should not be judged by standing stick-straight to see if your hands can still cup the bottom.

1. jumia 2. jumia 3. konga

Styles differ but navy is a tried-and-true staple with which every guy should start his collection. Stick with the classics first, then experiment with trendy styles later.

Blazers are actually quite easy to wear and can take you from formal occasions to casual settings. In fact, anytime you’ve finished dressing up and you’re not quite satisfied with your look, throw on a blazer and I promise you won’t regret it.

Your thoughts?

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  1. nice outfit ideas.

  2. Yuh just saved someonee's day

  3. idea,perfect cover...4 me,I consider d weather b4 puttin on a 1, Mke prsn no go melt insyd heat,Notwithstanding,a tick in d box 4 blazer

  4. Thanks Olivia.
    "Anonymous" I recommend light cotton blazers for the weather.
    Thanks for the comments!