Sentiments of an Unservile Fashionist


I have a passion for fashion. I DO NOT use the word "passion" lightly, so yeah, it’s pretty deep.

Most academicians despise the obsession with fashion. I mean, theories that have been proven true will always exist but fashion? Fashion changes all "willy-nilly", based just on the whims of major fashion designers around the world. Why bother at all when the trends keep on changing and if one wants to keep up, one has to invest some money? Ok, a lot. Could one not use that same amount of money and invest in something less nonsensical and more rewarding?

As a university student, I have a budget. This includes feeding, socializing and book money, in different priorities of course. This money would need wise-spending so why waste it on a dress you are only going to wear once? I realize I probably sound cynical given my earlier declaration of loving fashion. But some people totally agree with the opinion above. How about a new perspective?

The topic of fashion is one I love because it’s so vast. You see, everyone has different styles, tastes and views when it comes to fashion. I, for one, am going to give you my view. I see fashion, simply put, as a way to express oneself. Fashion helps express one’s opinions, feelings, and moods. You often can interpret one’s character or lifestyle from the way one dresses. Whilst I understand inner beauty, I think more like, dress the way you want to be addressed because what you are wearing is a reflection of who you are and how you want to be treated. 


 No one says you have to spend a ton of money just trying to look fashionable. I would rather spend more money on food and books than splurge on a cute blouse. Besides, there are so many homeless people in the world that have no food, why not invest in a charity of some sort? The thing is, I believe in reasonable spending and fashion is not all about looking ostentatious. I invest in quality but budget-friendly pieces. That, to me, is a wonderful combination: looking good and not having empty pockets. The world is about balancing things out.

Your thoughts?

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